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Elephant Cane

Price includes DHL and UPS International shipping
Order above $500 : DHL and UPS courier
Order below $500 : Express Registered Mail

100 % handmade Polymer Clay

Please order one cane including EMS (Express Mail Service) from Bali.

Order up to 7 more of any  raw cane design  - no additional ship cost (Shipping cost $22).The Buddha cane is $25, due more difficulty in getting a human face right. Price of  2nd piece go to select size! 

Allow 1-2 weeks for EMS delivery. If you want your canes quickly, contact us for the best UPS / DHL price to your area.

Please note, each cane is made by hand so size may have slight variation.

Jon is excited to see your creativity. You are welcome to do what you want with these designs. Jon does not make jewelry. Many of you do. Sell, gift, enjoy. And please post a photo of your finished work on Jon's Facebook page - Fimo Jon Anderson